Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Pete....

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a certifiable
 a·rach'no·pho'bic. I will happily squish a spider sooner than look at it and every Spring and Fall I arm myself with cans of bug spray and bombard my house with Fogger©. Today, however, was a new day--perhaps a step toward a brighter, phobic-free future. I ran across a spider--one of the biggest spiders I've ever seen. After an eventful day of grocery shopping with my kids, I was on my way inside the house when I saw him. He was fat... and hairy... and BIG... and I froze, unable to breath or move as we eyed one another. His buggy eyes were huge, and I have to admit, I've never taken time to actually look at a spider and I have never seen a spider look at me, but he did. He didn't act afraid or aggressive. He casually raised his face toward mine and literally "regarded" me as I stood there, frozen in fear. He tentatively crawled toward me, his eyes never leaving mine, and just as I was about to squish him, my husband joined me on the porch. When I pointed out our terrifying visitor, my husband was amazed at how unique this spider was. He and the spider considered one another for several moments and then my husband said, "I've never seen a spider look at me. He almost looks like he wants to be our friend. We can't kill him."  So, with the understanding that my husband would quickly remove our furry "friend", I allowed the spider to live. My kids were overjoyed and quickly named him "Pete". My husband removed the spider from the porch and I felt wonderful knowing that I had overcome my fear long enough to allow the offending creature a new chance at life. And...I believed that was the end of it. However, earlier this evening, I stumbled across "Pete" once more...Yes... the same spider was standing just outside my door, looking for all the world like a lost puppy in desperate need of a new home. I was half tempted to just end it and stomp on the poor little guy, but instead, I slammed the door in his face and watched, trembling, through the window as he climbed the door frame and made a cozy home just above our porch. I'm just not sure what I think about our unwanted house guest, but for now, I suppose I can learn to live with "Pete".
--- As long as he keeps his distance. 


  1. I had a bathroom spider named Sid.

    And the evil one...big, black and spiky. Lost three of his legs and still kept coming back *shudder*

  2. Hi im a new follower and i found you thru bookblogs, its about ereaders. hope to see you on my blog too. thanks x


  3. Wow, he really is looking right at whoever took that picture! Reminds me of when my husband and I were on a very tall ladder, painting the eaves of our Vermont home, and spiders, big ones (not as cute as Pete) were everywhere. I had to get off the ladder or I would have fallen off trying to avoid them, but my husband patiently swayed them away, some of them even received a red paintwash that day, and he never wavered. He is truly one with nature, and me, I try I really try! Every morning when I go out into the garden, I put on my anti-bug thingie that whirls some kind of message out to the buggies to stay away, and this summer I haven't gotten bitten yet, but my nature man can go out and nothing EVER bothers him! Anyway...when you see Pete, say hello from another wary human!

  4. Too funny about the bathroom spider...I don't think I would have let him live long at And I can just picture painted red spiders running all over my yard...that made me giggle...Pete and I ran into each other again this morning. We had a very strange night last night. To top off the arrival of our unwanted visitor, we had an earthquake. Pete looked a little shaken up this morning, but otherwise

  5. That is too funny Mandi. I loved reading Chuck's reaction to seeing the spider look at him, and I especially love that you added a picture of your furry little friend. That made the post all the more enjoyable!

  6. You are so brave! Pete sounds like a nice sort of spider, but I still think I'd be chasing him with the fly swatter (it works fabulous).
    I found a spider on my pillow the other night, needless to say I slept with one of my boys and fumigated the next day.
    Good luck with Pete!

  7. Oh goodness. It's all in those eyes. Reminds me of the cat on Shrek. How disgusting and cool at the same time.

  8. Hi Mandi,

    Good for you! You overcame your fear. That's not an easy thing. My fear is snakes. I hate finding them curled in the dirt under my flower pots.