Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Arthurian Omen...G.G. Vandagriff

Publisher's Note: Is the story of King Arthur history or myth? In this spellbinding novel, a Celtic scholar is murdered when she finds a clue to a priceless 13th century manuscript that will provide the true identity of King Arthur. The victim's sister takes up the quest to uncover the relic, but quickly realizes that someone close to her is the murderer. As pursuit of the manuscript winds through the ruined castles and monasteries of Wales, more than one reason emerges for keeping the manuscript and the legend buried in the past.

My Review: The story of King Arthur has always been one filled with mystery and intrigue. Purported as folklore by some and history by others, King Arthur has developed as a character of international interest and I have to admit, I fall in with the crowd. I love stories that evolve around the mystical King Arthur, so when asked to review The Arthurian Omen by G.G. Vandagriff, I happily jumped on board. The author weaves history, suspense, mystery and romance in a way that will leave readers turning the pages long into the night. Maren Southcott is a character who you can easily relate. She's vivacious, strong-willed, compassionate and makes mistakes like everyone else. Vandagriff does an excellent job capturing the essence and unique culture of the UK and her vivid descriptions will leave you yearning for a trip through Wales. I loved the images of the ancient ruins alongside green rolling hills and miniature streams. I thought the author did an excellent job keeping the suspense high until the very end. Throw in history, drug cartels, ancient manuscripts, and a kidnapping and I'm hooked. I give The Arthurian Omen 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Also today, I've been given the opportunity to feature a guest post from the author. I appreciate the time G.G. took to write a short post today!!

Meet G.G. Vandagriff.........

Question:  People say you should write about what you know. Do you have any personal experiences that helped you while writing your book?

G.G. Vandagriff: I definitely agree with that statement on many levels.  I started writing genealogical mystery novels, because i loved genealogy and I loved mysteries.  I solved my genealogical puzzles like mysteries.

But in the meantime I had a big novel in the background  that was waiting for me to have the experience of suffering and overcoming suffering.  I had been too young when I began my epic The Last Waltz.  It wasn't until I went through 25 years of suffering and an eventual healing of bi-polar disorder that I felt I could enter my heroines heart and define the feelings she had after World War One when she lost everything.  She rebuilt her life by acquiring knowledge and applying it in a determination that such a war would never take place again.  As WWII threatens, she doesn't give in. But you will find all about that in the sequel.

At that point, my novels became emotionally autobiographical.  I still wrote mysteries, but I also wrote Pieces of Paris about saving a marriage threatened by PTSD.  And my latest novel, The Only Way to Paradise gave me great scope!  Not only did it take place in my beloved Florence, but it had four crazy ladies in it each one saddled with one of my hangups.  They learn about the saving "agape" or selfless love that the Italians seem to be born with, and that paves the way for them to put their feet on "The Only Way to Paradise.

I never could have written any of these books without the emotional, intellectual, and travel experiences that I had. I wonder what awaits me in the future?  Do I really want to know?

GG Vandagriff


  1. Interesting guest post and review. Thanks so much for sharing...btw, LOVE your cute blog background and header....fallish but very cheerful, too. :)