Friday, December 21, 2012

An Unexpected Angel

A novel by Janet K. Halling

Publisher's Note: Ella Davies hates Christmas. Every year she spends the holidays working, trying to forget the pain of a childhood tragedy that left her all alone. But this season, Ella's about to learn something only an angel could teach her. This modern twist on a Christmas classic will remind you that the best gifts of all are the loved ones you learn to treasure!

Mandi's Review: Ella Davies has spent her life since her mother and sister's death filled with grief, anger, and guilt, and Christmas is just another painful reminder of what she no longer has. In the traditional spirit of A Christmas Carol, Ella is visited by an unexpected guest on Christmas eve. As she journeys into the events of the past, Ella learns there is always a purpose to the trials in her life. She learns the importance of forgiveness and love.

It was Christmas Eve, and the Empire State Building was lit with red and green. The streets were jammed with traffic, and the fog was rolling in off the Hudson, turning the streetlights into misty orbs.

Ella sighed and turned away from the window and the twinkling lights below, determined not to give in to the painful memories that had been lurking in the back of her mind all day.

 I have to admit, I loved this book. It is a wonderful read that will leave you feeling the tender Christmas spirit that is often hard to find during the busy holiday rush. At first, I didn't like Ella, but as you learn her story, you feel touched and inspired by this "Scrooge-like" character. This is definitely a holiday must-read and is a perfect addition to anyone's holiday collection. You'll want to read it again every year!

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