Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A spoonful of vinegar...

Last year around this time, I was dealing with a mess of health problems. I had been diagnosed with everything from pre-diabetes to early menopause. The symptoms of these sudden on-set problems made life difficult to say the least, and the medications to treat said symptoms came with its own set of issues. This was very depressing for me. I had recently lost 80 lbs. I was running 1/2 marathons, and I was in the middle of training for my first full marathon. I felt as though I should have been at my peak health, but I suddenly found myself nearly bedridden. Needless to say, I was in terrible shape. My low level of hormones (early menopause) caused severe hair-loss, adult acne, and debilitating fatigue, and I felt all-around icky. My training came to a grinding halt and I packed on pounds at an alarming rate. Through out the year, I have struggled with a way to overcome these new  issues in my life and rise above them. I have turned to a mostly holistic approach, and in doing so...I discovered Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. I know...I know...this sounds terrible, but hear me out! **Now I am no doctor and I definitely don't believe ACV and honey is for everybody. I also believe that just like any other supplement, you should be informed about the risks associated with taking anything into your body**, but after a lot of research, I decided to give honey and organic Apple Cider Vinegar with "the mother" a try. I added 2 tsp. of vinegar and 2 tsp. of honey to a glass of juice or water 3 times a day before every meal. Right away, I recognized a change in my energy levels. After months of fatigue, I felt some reprieve. I continued this regimen, and after a week, I noticed a significant change in my complexion. My acne, which I have never had to deal with, even in my youth, began to diminish. After a month, my hair loss slowed to a near halt. Now instead of losing giant clumps, I lose the standard ball of fuzz with each washing. My energy has returned in full. I am running again, my digestion has improved, my arthritis is under control, I don't retain the water I once did, and I have even avoided colds and the flu so far this year. Also, when my husband was diagnosed with strep a few months ago, I convinced him to give ACV and honey a try. To his amazement, the pain in his throat diminished overnight and he was able to beat the infection in half the time. He now uses ACV to help his indigestion and has been amazed with the results. I realize this is not a miracle cure, but I have benefited by taking ACV and I had to share my story. For more information on Apple Cider Vinegar check out Earth Clinic. Again, this is my *personal* experience with ACV.

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  1. I will have to try it. Thanks.
    Now I saw that you have a book about ghost. I will be in a panel about romance in ghost stories. Can you get me anything on that? No idea except that romance can be in any story regard, but is it something different with a ghost story that I should know?