Friday, February 17, 2012

Storm Dragon...

Another original tale told by my kids.... A(age 7), J(age 6), and D(age 3)....
STORM DRAGON....Written by A, J, and D

-A- "Once there was a dragon, and everybody called him The Storm Dragon. He controlled the storms. He liked to eat chocolate and eagle eggs." -J- "Everyday he went outside and played his whole life. He swings on swings. He slides down the slides, and he jumps rope."

"Storm Dragon"...Illustrated by Austin (age 7)

-D- "Ummm.....exercise. Umm....swinging. Ummm....he eats 'nannas. Ummm....the dragon likes to sleep. How about we call him Mr. Bean. A pink Mr. Bean!! Ummm....he likes to drink vinegar. He colored and he said, 'Okay'. But he get mad at the princess and he said, 'Roar!' " -A-  "He was going to capture the princess, and he didn't like people calling him Pink Mr. Bean. So he changed his name back to Storm Dragon. Besides, he wasn't pink, he was green. He liked cookies and milk to eat, and he didn't drink vinegar. He didn't breath fire either. He breathed water, and he is the best at squirt gun fights. One day he went to the park and squirted all the kids. The kids got mad." 

"Squirt Gun Dragon"....Illustrated by J (age 6)
-J- "He isn't green, he's blue! After he squirts the kids and they get mad, then he starts to be so mad he washed them down. The kids screamed and ran to get the animal control. Animal control had squirt guns in their pockets and sprayed him. The dragon gets them back...really soaking wet. Then the animal control ran and got the hot lava dragons. The hot lava dragons were nice to the people and just put the water dragon in Time Out." -D- "The princess paint the dragon when he in Time Out. She paints him pink! Umm...ummm...his lips get pink and his eyes look bigger cuz he wears mascara and she poofed out the bangs and hair and he looks like a princess. He's sad. How about the princess turns him into a frog princess?!!" 

"Princess turning dragon into a frog."....Illustrated by D (age 3)

-A- "No! He's a STORM DRAGON! He doesn't turn into a frog. He made a storm rain on the princess and she ran away crying. The End!" -D- "Nuh-uh! The dragon wipes off the makeup. And he hopped on the boat and went home with the princess to get more makeup on him....and...and...ummm...chapstick!" 

                                   The END.... 

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