Monday, August 15, 2011

All that was Promised

Publisher's note: An encounter with a Mormon missionary and his unusual message of a "restored gospel" leaves Richard Kenyon, a young Methodist minister, questioning his life's work when he cannot deny a growing testimony of this peculiar American religion. But Richard soon finds himself struggling to recognize the promised blessings of the gospel when violent persecutions shakes the fledgling Church in Wales.

My review:
Set among the rolling hills and lush greenery of Wales, All that was Promised is a novel that clearly depicts the trials and persecutions faced by early converts to the Mormon church. Richard Kenyon is a Methodist minister, who lives a humble life with his wife, Leah. They are happy and content with their lot, until one day, Richard happens upon Ben Lachlan, a Mormon missionary. Touched by Ben's message, Richard seeks to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leah is stunned by her husband's willingness to accept Ben's teachings, and when her husband enters the waters of baptism, she is terribly confused. As the story progresses, Leah begins to feel the stirrings of the spirit and she is deeply touched by the miracles she encounters. She struggles with feelings of doubt and fear, but soon, she can no longer deny the truth of the gospel. However, affliction is quick to follow. Robert Kenyon, Richard's wayward brother, is angered by his brother's choice to join the Mormons. With the help of an evil man bent on driving the Mormon converts from the land, the townspeople are stirred to riot. Persecution is rampant and you are touched by the steadfast faith of these new saints.

When I first received this novel, I was immediately impressed by the stunning cover art. I enjoyed the story and Vickie Hall proves undeniable talent in her ability to vividly describe the setting and characters. Hall's obvious knowledge of the history of Wales and the era in which this novel took place is enlightening. At times the plot moved a little slowly, however, I thought Vickie Hall's first novel was a great read, especially for those who love early Mormon History.  I give this novel 4 out of 5.

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  1. Thank you for this review. I'm always intrigued by the faith of early converts to the church--and to today's converts too. All That Was Promised sounds like a book i will read.

  2. I'm going to have to read that one. It sounds great:-)

  3. Great review. I'm going to have to put this on my list since I have Welsh heritage. Thank you for the review!