Monday, October 3, 2011

Mush Head and Other Crafty Things....

For reasons I can't explain, this time of year the crafty bug seems to bite everyone....including me! I was bored today, so my 3 year old and I came up with some fun Halloween crafts to keep us busy! The plate was easy and the little monster guy was just weird...but we had fun! (My daughter called the little monster man "Mush Head" )

Antique Photo Dish

Things you'll need:
Old plate or dish from any thrift store
Antique picture (real or computer)
Black Spray Paint
Plate Stand

1. Spray paint dish
2. Cut and burn edges of your antique photo until it is the shape and size you desire
3. Glue photo onto plate
4. Display using plate stand

Mush Head...not exactly sure what he is!
Things you'll need:

Old material
Wood or metal base
Rustic colored wire wrap
Thin wooden dowel or stick
Hot Glue
Needle and Thread (any color)
Shiny Beads (2)
Stiff Hair Spray or Elmer's Glue

1. Glue wooden dowel or stick onto base after you have painted it or colored it if needed
2. Take a square of material, shred the edges
3. Stuff Material to size you desire
4. Wrap around end of dowel and tie the edges around the dowel using a strip of material the same color or varied. Secure with knot.
5. Thread needle and use thread to create an eye. Thread bead onto doll and secure with string. Repeat for second eye.
6. Use thread to create "pinched" mouth. Sew until desire look is attained.
7. Tread needle with different colored thread to create hair. Pull thread, cut and tie off. Repeat until desired look is achieved.
8. Using hair spray or glue ( I used hair spray) spray hair until stiff and sticking out at the angle you desire. Let dry.
9. Using wire wire around dowel and display.

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