Friday, September 30, 2011

The Outer Edge of Heaven...

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A novel by Jaclyn M. Hawkes....

Publisher's Note: 

Montana truly is heavenly. Especially those handsome cowboys.

Filled with colorful characters of all shapes, sizes and species, including an orphaned baby pig, most of the Langston family put the fun in dysfunctional, give or take a couple of black sheep. There's one in every family, isn't there? Add to that glorious scenery, a horse of her own, and one extremely attractive cousin rancher, Luke Langston, and it makes for a summer Charlie will never forget. Which might not be a good thing. She has the time of her life, but her heart may never recover.

My Review: The Outer Edge of Heaven is a love story that takes place in the beautiful open spaces of Montana. Charlene Evans or "Charlie" is attending BYU and preparing to go to law school the next year. When summer break begins she is loath to return to her parent's home in Connecticut where she knows she will be pushed into a relationship with a man of her parent's choosing. When her friend Forest suggests she takes a position working on his family's ranch in Montana, she is quick to accept, despite the problems it will cause between her and her parents. Montana is wonderful and the ranch is more than she could have hoped for. She loves her job, and as she gets to know the Langston family, she can't imagine a better life. The Langstons, like any other family, is full of colorful, sometimes quirky characters, and Charlie finds she is happier on the ranch than she has ever been before. When she meets Luke Langston things truly seem like heaven. However, darkness lurks on the farm, and when Charlie is attacked, her illusions of the ranch are somewhat shattered. Charlie is forced to come to terms with her feelings and emotions as Luke and her friend, Fo (Forest),  do everything they can to keep her safe. Luke is a marvelous hero and the other quirky characters are well defined and definitely a fun addition to this novel. The plot moves quickly and keeps a steady rhythm. Charlie, the protagonist, has a great sense of humor and I believe romance readers will enjoy this book.

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