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Hope's Journey...

Publisher's noteSydney is a straight-A student heading to college on a scholarship, and Alex is a quiet jock preparing to serve an LDS mission. But their dreams are shattered on the eve of their high school graduation when they find out that Sydney is pregnant. Separated, they must both trust in God as they search for the worth they once found in each other.

My Review: Based on real-life events, Stephanie Worlton's debut novel Hope's Journey is a definite must read for any teenager, young adult or parent of a teen. The author tackles the sensitive subject of teen pregnancy in a very tasteful and mature manner and I thought the emotions expressed by both the adults and teenagers were as real as it gets. The author did a great job grabbing your attention by emerging you in both Alex's point of view and Sydney's point of view. It was difficult to get through this book without tears. Sydney's and Alex's characters were defined and well-rounded, the plot was very well developed, and the story is definitely heart-rendering. Stephanie did a wonderful job showing the growth and development of the characters as they progress on their journey of denial, anger, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately hope. I had a difficult time getting into the story at first, but once in the heart of the plot, it was impossible to put down.  I think this is a wonderful debut novel. Well done!

To purchase a copy of Hope's Journey visit Amazon Today!
To learn more about Stephanie visit her BLOG!

Also, today I am excited to feature an author interview! Stephanie is an amazing person and just the sort of mom who I would love to hang out with! I hope you enjoy meeting Stephanie Worlton, and I appreciate the time she took to answer a few questions. 

1.       Tell us about yourself

I was raised in Sandy, Utah and studied Architecture and German language at the University of Utah. I’m a very visual person and creating stuff is as natural to me as breathing. I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend and high school sweetheart and together we have four children who are amazingly independent and smart. I’m a warm-weather, outdoors kind of girl. I love the summer sun and I honestly enjoy getting my hands a little dirty. We spend a lot of time camping, 4-wheeling, and even fishing (which to me is simply a boat ride with a book!). I think the seasons are overrated and would love to live somewhere where it was summer all the time.

2.       Tell us about your book, Hope’s Journey.

Hope’s Journey is the story of high-school sweethearts, Alex and Sydney, who have big plans for their futures. Sydney’s got several scholarships on the table and Alex is preparing to serve an LDS mission when all of their carefully constructed plans collapse because Sydney gets pregnant. Separately, they venture through self-doubt, confusion, heart-ache and failure as they try to piece their broken lives back together. Their journeys lead them to discover the power of faith, forgiveness, and ultimately…. hope.

3.       What inspired you to write Hope’s Journey?

Simply put, I was told to do it… and I do what I’m told (most of the time, anyway). Beyond that, I’ve had the opportunity to work with youth (kids 12 -18) for most of my adult life, and over the years I’ve shared my personal teen-pregnancy story both privately and publically (in small groups) with some of them. As a result I’ve seen the influence that honesty and understanding can have on changing lives. In recent years, society has glorified teen and single-parent pregnancy and honestly, there simply isn’t anything glorious or fun about it! There are a handful of books with the subtext of teen-pregnancy, but when I read them not once did I feel like they’d captured the reality of what that young woman – or young man for that matter – were going through.  I wanted to tell a story that was authentic, but more than that, I wanted to breakdown some stereotypes, persuade girls to strengthen their resolve to make good choices, and to create an atmosphere of hope for those who’ve already crossed the line.

To read more about the BACKSTORY, check out my blog:

4.       What first sparked your interest in writing?

I think writing is something I’ve always enjoyed although up until a few years ago I’d have never believed that I’d actually write a novel – being an author wasn’t on, or even near, my to-do  list. But, writing Hope’s Journey was something I knew I had to do. And, it was definitely a learning process. I guess it goes to show that you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks! I’ve learned just how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to write and hope to be able to publish many more works.

5.       What are some of your favorite hobbies, besides writing?

My husband accuses me of being the energizer bunny because I have such a hard time sitting still. I love to draw and paint and build things. I frequently can be found sitting on my porch swing, tape measure in hand, designing one project or another – and when I say project I don’t mean cute little crafty things… Think bigger scale, like furniture, or lighted crown-molding, or (my current distraction) a cute cottage looking shed for all my gardening tools.   

6.       What is your favorite food?

There was a time I would’ve said ice cream but I’ve concluded that it’s really the hot fudge that I love. I have the most irresistible recipe for fudge and, honestly, it doesn’t have to be hot to be delicious, nor does it need to be accompanied by ice cream.

7.       What are you current projects?

I have a really hard time focusing on one project at a time (I think I may have adult onset ADD – if there is such a thing). I have two projects however that are continually on my mind (and on my laptop screen). Both are novels about strong women – one about overcoming domestic violence and the other about how thin the veil between this life and the spirit world is. I’m also writing a children’s book that my brother is illustrating, and developing a series that I will be co-writing with my brilliant husband. 

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Spooktacular Giveaway Hop...

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Finding Your Inspiration Through Life (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a talk on what inspired me as an author. I am not an eloquent public speaker. I usually muddle my words and I tend to leave people more confused than enlightened. So today I thought I should post my talk for those who were left wondering what I was really trying to say :)....

Finding Your Inspiration Through Life (Part 1) 

My journey as an author started when I was a child. For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This wasn’t an easy thing to live with. I was often in trouble, and I spent most of my school days in special needs classes. I daydreamed all the time. When I was a young girl, I’d often imagine that I was a hero on an amazing adventure or I’d imagine I was a great explorer. I craved adventure, and more often-than-not, my teacher or parents could find me hiding in a corner talking to myself, because I even had imaginary friends. My mind was constantly racing—popping up with new ideas and thoughts all the time. I never thought that one day my ADHD would actually work to my advantage, but to this day, my imagination and ability to day dream has become one of my greatest strengths. My day dreams are what have carried me through life, even though at times, it has been a source of grief. So what I’d like to talk about today is this—every daydream starts with a tiny spark. There is always something that is the catalyst to a new idea or dream. Have you ever seen that commercial for Moen where a couple sits with a designer? They place a faucet on the desk and say, “Design a house around this.” Well, this concept is exactly what I would like to get across today. I’d like to highlight a few of those "things" that you can design a story around. These are often the catalysts for my ideas…my sparks!

The first thing is Destination and Setting…

Have you ever passed a field of wild flowers or taken a walk through the forest just after it’s rained? Have you ever seen an area that simply leaves you breathless and you just want to grasp that place and hang onto it forever? Its those moments when a photo simply isn't enough. I love nature, and whenever I come across a town, a field, a mountain, or even a place in the city that touches me, I just want to hang onto it. I can do this in my books. I can live in that area while I create my story.

Most of my novels take place in areas that I love—areas that have left a lasting impression on me. I live in Santaquin, Utah, and when we first moved there, I loved to drive to Mona. I loved the open spaces, the farms, the community, and just the general feel of the area. It felt natural to create a story there. The Alias takes place in Mona on a ranch. I’ve never lived on a ranch before, but through this book, I was able to experience ranch life. I was able to capture that dream and capture the emotions and feelings I had when I first discovered that area. I can include my memories, my dreams, and my love of any place that I feel inspired to write about in my books. My stories are sort of like a souvenir, and just as an area can inspire a story, so too 
can the people who live in a particular place… So my next inspiration is “People”…which I’ll highlight in the next post.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barnes and Noble Authorpalooza....

I'm so excited for my 1st Authorpalooza. I'll be in attendance with some amazing authors and I can hardly wait. There will be over 30 different authors representing a variety of genres! If you get a chance, come out and see me. I'll be passing out candy, bookmarks, and signing books! 

When:  Saturday, October 22nd 

Where:  Barnes and Noble 
33 E. University Parkway 
Orem, Utah

Jewel Adams
            Legacy, Wishing Hour

Marie Higgins
           Heart of a Hero, Hearts Through Time, Winning Mr. Wrong

Carol Thayne Warburton
            Just Shy of Paradise, Sun Tunnels and Secrets, False Pretenses, Question of Trust

Mandi Slack
            The Alias

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen
            Trapped, Missing

G.G. Vandagriff,
           The Last Waltz, Pieces of Paris, Foggy w/ a Chance of Murder, Hidden Branch, Poisoned Pedigree, Tangled Roots, Arthurian Omen

Carla Kelly
            Here’s to the Ladies, Borrowed Light, Mariah’s Christmas Wish

Tristi Pinkston
            Secret Sisters, Dearly Departed, Agent in Old Lace

Jason Anderson
             Starrider 1&2

  Jessica Day George,
            Dragon Slippers Series, Princess of Glass, Princess of the Midnight Ball, Sun & Moon, Ice & Snow, Tuesday’s at the Castle

Joy Spraycar,

Kristen Chandler,
            Wolves, Boys and other Things that Might Kill Me, Girls Don’t Fly

Jennifer Laurens
            Season of Eden, Penitence, Over Protected, Nailed, Magic Hands, Heavenly, Falling for Romeo, Absolution

April White-Touchette
            Parole at Camp Summerset

Paul Talbot
            Wizard Magic

Cindy Hogan 

Debbie Hulet
        Independence Rock

Frank Cole,
       Hashbrown Winters Series, Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

Kim Justesen,
            My Brother the Dog, Hey Ranger Series

Berin Stephens,
            Dragon War Relic

Valerie Mechling & Samuel Stubbs
            Tale of Telsharu

B.K. Bostick
            Huber Hill and the Dead Man’s Treasure

Wendy Paul,
            101 Gourmet Cupcakes, 101 Gourmet Cookies, 101 Gourmet Cake Bites

Laura Powell
            Real Mom Kitchen

Nancy Miles
            In Good Taste:  Your Family History Cookbook

Marry Muller
            The Guardians of Innocence

Nichole Giles
            Mormon Mishaps and Mischief

Russell Estlack
            Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams

Taylor Hartley
            Sinner’s Advocate

Marilyn Brown
            Images of America:  Provo

Caleb Warnock
           Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers

Connie Sokol
            Faithful, Fit and Fabulous

J. Kevin Morris
            Strangely Normal

Hope To See You There.....!!!

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Meet Theresa Sneed...

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Theresa Sneed, author of No Angel. I just love Theresa! She is such a nice person, who care deeply about others and I am very excited to interview her today! Her book, No Angel, has had fantastic reviews and is a definite must read! Meet Theresa Sneed....

Tell us about your book.
No Angel is the story of a reluctant guardian angel named Jonathan Stewart. He had a bad experience as a mortal and doesn’t want to return to earth as a guardian angel, but it’s required of all post-mortal spirits to do just that—at least one time. He makes it quite clear on the Guardians Unlimited application, that he is not at all interested in being a guardian angel, and even requests an EMD (a spirit marked for early death) just in case. Several years go by and he’s settled into his job as a director of H&EB (Heaven and Earth Bound) where he meticulously runs a smooth operation making sure that the departing and arriving spirits are on the right passageways at the right time. It’s a complete shock and an obvious inconvenience to him when his presence is request in HR (Heaven Resources) and he discovers that he has been chosen to be a guardian angel by the beautiful Celeste Knight. Because he never took the required classes in heaven and did not read his client’s manual in preparation to be her angel, what Jonathan does not know is that an EMD is also a Death Resistor and she can choose the time of her death. Celeste has no intentions of dying early and now Jonathan is stuck in a place he only wanted to forget, as a guardian angel to someone he really could care less about.
You will not like Jonathan at all at the beginning of No Angel, but at the end you will absolutely love him!

What inspired you to write No Angel?
I have a strong belief in the unseen spirit word that surrounds us, and wanted to write a ‘fun’ book that used that knowledge as a backdrop.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?                         
There are several messages in No Angel—first and foremost that we came from heaven and will return there after our own mortal experience is over. Other strong themes in No Angel are love, choice, accountability, loyalty, honesty, faith, hope, forgiveness, patience, and endurance.

When and why did you begin writing?
My first published poem was in 3rd grade, but because I gave it to a friend who was struggling with our writing assignment, it was actually published in the local newspaper under her name! That’s the when of it, but the why is much more involved. I believe that writing is the easiest way to have your voice heard. I write, because I want to share who I am and what I believe, feel, desire, and even fear. As a youth, I derived so much pleasure and hope from reading—it’d be so awesome if I could do that for someone else!

Any ideas on a sequel for No Angel?
Yes! Occasionally Yours is the prequel to No Angel and is in the final stages of editing right now. Lip Reader is the sequel to No Angel.  The rough draft for Lip Reader is complete, but it hasn’t gone through the beta-reader, revision, editing process yet. Once Occasionally Yours is in the hands of my editor, then I’ll revise/edit Lip Reader.

Do you see writing as a career?
Absolutely! Though I have a BA in Education, I see writing as my career.

Do you have any advice or tips on writing you would like to share?
I do! The greatest thing that you MUST have to be a writer—is the desire to write, honestly!  There has to be a reason for that desire, and I believe that the reason is a deep understanding of an important part of who you are. But, you MUST be willing to develop that desire into something tangible. You MUST be able to take constructive criticism. You MUST be willing to take that constructive criticism and learn from it! I recommend building up a writing resource library. Read about point of view, how to develop scenes, characters, settings, etc. Study grammar as needed, especially if someone critiques your work and points out specific problems—take those really seriously and dive into everything that you can to understand and improve that part of your writing. I also strongly suggest that you find a reputable writing group that shares your standards, otherwise you might be reading things you’d rather not. I’m a member of an LDS women writers group named ANWA—it is a perfect fit for me and has helped me to hone my craft more than any other thing I have tried. On that note, don’t be afraid to step out of your writing group from time to time and learn from the many other talented authors in your community. Check out your local colleges and libraries for guest speakers and go to their classes prepared to learn all you can about the writing craft. It’s also important to commit to a schedule to write—put aside a time every day and stick to it. I wrote No Angel by committing to writing just one page a day six days a week. Most times that one page morphed into many more! Lastly—you MUST, MUST, MUST read! The best writers are avid, passionate readers! You learn TONS from reading—read with a critical eye—identify what works, and what doesn’t work in the books you choose.

Thanks Mandi!

A big thanks to Theresa for taking a moment to let me interview her! I was glad to have her on my blog today!

             To purchase your copy of No Angel visit Amazon today or a book store near you!!!

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Tristi's October Blog Hop...


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31. Stacy Coles

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Renovation Bootcamp....Kitchen!

Publisher's NoteShopping trips to discover trends, cabinet styles, counter top materials, appliances and plumbing fixtures are only the opening skirmishes when planning a kitchen renovation battle plan.

Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen is the ultimate step-by-step, behind-the-scenes manual to remodel a kitchen. This must-have manifesto is loaded with "before" and "after" photos, drawings, questionnaires, lists, and "Tales from the Trenches" from the author's own jobsites.
Packed with practical, no-nonsense advice, checklists and proven recommendations, the book will help the novice and seasoned renovator alike plot a logical course of action before jumping into the fray.
Learn how to:
• determine how long it should take
• de-code the design process
• establish a budget
• hire a contractor
• ask the right questions when shopping for cabinetry, appliances and materials and so much more.
Armed with this renovation road map, homeowners can plan their strategy so they won't just survive, they'll save time, money, sanity and win the renovation war!
Robin Siegerman is a Registered Interior Designer and international, award-winning, Certified Kitchen Designer. With almost 20 years experience designing and managing home renovations, she sets a new standard for the kitchen renovation guide with Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen. Her columns, articles and projects have been featured in newspapers, magazines and coffee table books, she is a regularly featured designer on various HGTV shows and is a popular speaker at trade and home shows.

My Review:  Recently I had the opportunity to review Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen written by Robin Siegerman. I loved this book. Not only did author Robin Siegerman describe the hows of renovating your kitchen, she also included a companion workbook to help the process along. Renovation Bootcamp featured beautiful before and after pictures that leave you excited and anxious to begin your own renovations. The author offered "Tales From The Trenches" where she highlighted several of her own experiences and sometimes humorous stories from her time spent as a designer. She offered practical advise from who to hire to a realistic breakdown of prices and a do-able timeline. I thought this book was a definite must have for anyone considering remodeling or redesigning their kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. She states,

"[The kitchen] is arguably the most important
room in the house. A kitchen is to a home what air traffic control is to an airport; what mission control is to NASA; what the hub is to a transportation line; what the heart is to the body. A deeply personal space, it can be the scene of domestic intimacy, creativity, harmony, and even drama and discord within the family."

And I couldn't agree more. I found this book very helpful, easy to read and follow, and again, she offered a realistic approach to remodeling a kitchen. A definite must read for any homeowner.

Today, I also have the opportunity to offer a guest post from Robin Siegerman. I appreciate the time she took to take a minute and give a quick note of advise.

Guest Post by Robin Siegerman:

When remodeling a kitchen, what are some things that should be left for the professionals and why?

The top three areas that should be left for professionals during a kitchen remodel are:
1.    Electrical/mechanical work
2.    Plumbing
3.    Structural work.
Electrical and mechanical work are the most hazardous components of a kitchen renovation.  Faulty wiring can be the cause of a house fire and if that happens, the occupants have only 3 minutes to escape before being overcome by smoke.  All electrical work should be done to meet or exceed the local building codes to ensure safety and this is best done by a licensed electrician.  However, the electrician is NOT the best person to design the lighting.  There are a lot of reasons for this that are too detailed to go into here, but chapter 6 in my book, Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen, explains it more fully.
Plumbing can be more problematic than a lot of people think and many DIY enthusiasts would scoff at bringing in a plumber.  I had designed a project in a condo with a contractor hired by the clients, whose plumber got a bit careless.  The apartment was on the 34th floor and it was an older building that didn’t have stop valves in each unit, but only down on the main level.  So to do any work, it was necessary to take the elevator down 34 flights and get the maintenance people to turn off the valves (Can you see where this is going?).  The contractor had spent 6 months joining two units together and re-arranging the floor plan with new kitchen and 3 new bathrooms as per my design.  Finally when everything was completely finished, the furniture had been moved in and the clients were within 24 hours of moving back in, the plumber adjusted a fitting under the sink without having the stops turned off.  The fitting was under such pressure, that the connection broke, it blew off nearly hitting him in the head and scalding him with hot water.  It took 20 minutes to get anyone to turn off the stops, while hot water was gushing out into the newly finished apartment, ruining floors, cabinetry , baseboards and pouring down 10 floors through the main pipe chase.  This was the worst thing I have ever heard of on a job site with plumbing, but the point is, it can happen even with a professional, so imagine how easy it would be for something similar to happen with someone with less experience.  Hire a licensed plumber.
Doing structural work requires proper construction drawings and a construction permit that you will have to apply for through your municipality.  Doing structural work without professional drawings and permits is foolish and risky.  If the work is improperly done, and the structure of the house is affected, not only will it be a bigger job to fix it, but your insurance may not cover you.
If in doubt, hire a professional, and make sure they are properly covered with insurance.

To purchase a copy of Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen visit Amazon today!
To learn more about author Robin Siegerman visit

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Almost Divorced My Husband....

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Sherri Mills for the very first time. We were attending an LDS book sellers meet-and-greet and we just happened to walk in the doors at the same time. Unsure where to go, we both turned right, toward a gathering of people. It soon became apparent, after we'd spent nearly fifteen minutes at this convention, that we were at the wrong convention. It was hilarious and thanks to Sherri, we finally found the correct convention. Right from the beginning I was drawn to Sherri's sweet personality and her friendly demeanor. I loved getting to know her, and I've had such a great time learning about her and her amazing new book, I Almost Divorced My Husband, but I Went On Strike Instead. I've had the privileged of reading her book and I have to admit, I loved it! This is definitely a must read for every married couple and even those who are considering marriage. During the course of reading this book my husband and I laughed and had many "Ah-hah!" moments. We also had many interesting conversations during the time we spent reading Sherri's book. I Almost Divorced My Husband, but I Went On Strike Instead has been featured in Red Book Magazine and has had raving reviews. So, today, I'm very excited to feature Sherri! Meet Author Sherri Mills....

1-What inspired you to write I Almost Divorced My Husband?

When the strike was over and I  witnessed the devastating apologetic reaction from my husband Gerald, after he had done everything for a week and a half. I had an epiphany. I discovered that we have been blaming the wrong person. My husband didn’t believe any different than other men, women, mom’s, dad’s, grandma’s grandpa,s, in other words society at large. The idea that women should be responsible for everything in the house has been so imbedded in our culture that I knew it was going to be a tough nut to crack. I knew that I was going to have to be the pioneer who did it.

The only way I was going to get this message out to society, was to write a book. That way I could get the word out into the world where society lives.

The real inspiration came from my clients who begged me daily to write a book.Then my daughter who sent me the book ‘How To Get Published’.

She wrote, “I love you mom. I have faith in you. One day, women all over the world will owe you their future.”

2-Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No- I have had absolutely no literary training. When I saw so many people I knew and loved go through divorces that didn’t have to happen, I knew that someone HAD to do something . I knew instinctively that that someone had to be me. It seemed I was the only one brazen enough to confront the elephant in the living room.

I am not a writer who published a book.

I had a message that had to get out. So I knew I had to do whatever it took to learn how to write a book. To me this message has got  to become a movement. We have to stop the divorce rate from skyrocketing. For our children's sakes and for our grandchildren's sakes.

3-What are your current projects?

A man who bought my book at Costco sent me an email the next day full of praise for my book. He told me how it had helped him in so many ways.

He said, “Do you think when you write your next book you can devote two chapters to men, telling us what we can do?”

My acquisition editor had different ideas. She said, “Do you think you can write the whole book to men as if they were sitting in front of you?”

Besides working full time in my salon I am now mid-way through the ‘Man’ book.

4-What is the best advice you can give your readers?

It would be, ‘first seek to understand-then to be understood.

This is not only successful with householder work but any other dispute you have in your marriage.

For the first 12 years of my marriage, I handled everything the wrong way. I never would have had to go on strike had I handled everything differently. First I let him off the hook with housework, and then I blamed him for not doing anything. I was always full of self pity , anger and worse of all- hidden resentments, which is by far the most dangerous. All of these feelings that are not dealt with early on can simmer under the surface until they finally erupt often leading to divorce.

5 -What is your favorite part of the book, I Almost Divorced My Husband?

The three main reasons the ‘me generation’ has adopted as an excuse for getting a divorce. I go into great detail to de-bunk all of them.

6-What is your favorite hobby besides writing?

I have been consumed with the idea of convincing everyone that (barring abuse) most marriages can be saved. My research seems to be my only hobby/obsession. I live it, I sleep it, I do it on vacation, I search for it in the newspaper, on TV, and when My husband asks me why I didn’t hear him we both chuckle as I say, “Shush, I’m working.” I can’t seem to even meet anyone new without syphoning out at least a little bit of research. No one is safe.

7-What is your favorite food?

Fresh garden tomatoes.

Thank you, Sherri, for sharing your answers today!! 

To purchase a copy today visit Amazon.
To learn more about Sherri Mills you can visit her at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Key of Andrea Pearson

Publisher's Note: When two vicious wolves chase fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark down a path from our world into another, his life is forever changed. He has no idea they have been sent by the Lorkon—evil, immortal beings who are jealous of powers he doesn’t know he possesses—powers they desire to control. 

The inhabitants of the new world desperately need Jacob's help in recovering a magical key that was stolen by the Lorkon and is somehow linked to him. If he helps them, his life will be at risk. But if he chooses not to help them, both our world and theirs will be in danger. The Lorkon will stop at nothing to unleash the power of the key—and Jacob's special abilities.

My Review: To be quite honest, I don't usually read books in this genre. However, I loved Harry Potter, so I took a chance when asked to review this and I have to admit, I liked it! A lot! Jacob Clark is a normal teenager who dreams of becoming a basketball star. One day while his parents are away he hears his little sister, who is playing in the backyard,  scream. Honestly, this scene sends chills up my back. He and his older brother race into the backyard only to discover a pair of vicious, snarling wolves. He and his brother are unsure what to do, but when the wolves give chase, Jacob's only choice is to run and lead the wolves away from his sister and brother. He is chased deep into the forest. There he discovers a strange tree where he takes shelter from the pack of wolves. He is baffled by the strange tree in the middle of the forest, but knowing he has no other choice, he stays hidden in the tree. The next day, he is attacked by a bear-like creature, who chases him through the tree "house", and when he is rescued by a strange group of people known as the Makalos, he is stunned. He soon learns that these Makalos are the protectors of "The Key of Kileyna" which has been stolen by Lorkon, and HE is expected to help recover this lost key to save  a new world he never knew existed. I thought The Key of Kilenya was a great read, especially for boys ages 10-16. I thought the story flowed well and I like how the author parallels two different stories through the book. It comes together nicely in the end. I'd recommend Andrea Pearson's book to anyone looking for a new fantasy series that is clean and entertaining. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series. 

You can purchase a copy of The Key of Kilenya HERE.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mush Head and Other Crafty Things....

For reasons I can't explain, this time of year the crafty bug seems to bite everyone....including me! I was bored today, so my 3 year old and I came up with some fun Halloween crafts to keep us busy! The plate was easy and the little monster guy was just weird...but we had fun! (My daughter called the little monster man "Mush Head" )

Antique Photo Dish

Things you'll need:
Old plate or dish from any thrift store
Antique picture (real or computer)
Black Spray Paint
Plate Stand

1. Spray paint dish
2. Cut and burn edges of your antique photo until it is the shape and size you desire
3. Glue photo onto plate
4. Display using plate stand

Mush Head...not exactly sure what he is!
Things you'll need:

Old material
Wood or metal base
Rustic colored wire wrap
Thin wooden dowel or stick
Hot Glue
Needle and Thread (any color)
Shiny Beads (2)
Stiff Hair Spray or Elmer's Glue

1. Glue wooden dowel or stick onto base after you have painted it or colored it if needed
2. Take a square of material, shred the edges
3. Stuff Material to size you desire
4. Wrap around end of dowel and tie the edges around the dowel using a strip of material the same color or varied. Secure with knot.
5. Thread needle and use thread to create an eye. Thread bead onto doll and secure with string. Repeat for second eye.
6. Use thread to create "pinched" mouth. Sew until desire look is attained.
7. Tread needle with different colored thread to create hair. Pull thread, cut and tie off. Repeat until desired look is achieved.
8. Using hair spray or glue ( I used hair spray) spray hair until stiff and sticking out at the angle you desire. Let dry.
9. Using wire wire around dowel and display.