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  1. We are looking for book reviewers for a fantasy YA.


    Haley Fisher

    Silver Tongue Press

    Rising Calm: Can Cara Survive the Test of Time?

    On Cara Weaver’s first day at her new high school—merely the next in a long line of new schools—she meets two senior boys: James Sable and Crispin Calaway. They’re new too; they’ve been at the school just longer than she has, and they’ve never made an effort to reach out to anyone…until now, but Cara can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to James and Crispin than the two are telling.

    Debut author Haley Fisher plunges the reader into a tale of fantasy and intrigue as we follow Cara’s often harrowing adventures through a new world full of fascinating characters. Things become more and more complicated as it becomes obvious there is much more to Cara than she ever knew.

    Rising Calm stands to be the first in a line of young adult fiction from Fisher. In the works are several more novels that continue Cara’s story.

    Haley Fisher is currently attending college in Kansas, where writing and reading still remain her true passions. More information about Rising Calm can be found at

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