Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turning Pages

Written by Tristi Pinkston

Publisher's Notes: With his pride and her prejudice, what could possibly go wrong? When the arrogant Blake Hansen steals Addie Preston's promotion at the library, he pretty much rubs her nose in it. But Addie, who dreams of being a full-fledged librarian, decides to stick it out. She loves surrounding herself with books and keeping her father's memory alive in the building where they spent so much time together. Soon, Addie learns that her beloved library will be torn down to make room for a larger facility, and she has to make a choice. Fight, or let go? To complicate things, she finds herself attracted to Blake, who is engaged to someone else. Will Blake and Addie ever resolve their differences?

Mandi's Review: Turning Pages, Tristi Pinkston's newest novel, is a story that will leave a smile on your face. Addie Preston, a college student who works at the local library has had a difficult life. After losing her mother at a very young age, she is faced with all the turmoil of dealing with her father's recent death. She, along with her step-mother, and younger siblings are faced with some difficult challenges. Then to compound the situation even further, Addie is suddenly passed up for a promotion she has desperately wanted-- Jr. Librarian. Blake, the man who "stole" her position then poses a whole new set of problems for Addie. This is definitely a fun book, written as a modern-day version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Addie is a fun, quirky character that I can really relate to. As a young woman, I spent hour upon hour in my local library. I remember browsing the isles and taking comfort in the unique scents that can only be found in an older library. I loved that Addie's goal was to save the original library. I have always enjoyed old, historic buildings, and there is certain charm that is definitely lacking in the new, modern libraries. I also really liked Blake's character. He is witty and arrogant, and I found the romantic tension between him and Addie a perfect addition to the story. This is a fun, clean read, and I'd recommend it for anyone who's looking for a great addition to their Christmas list.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful For Books Giveaway Hop

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