Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Noses and Noggins, Diplomas and Gardens


I am still so amazed at how quickly the month of May passed by, and our family had quite an eventful month. We had many changes. Some were good, and some were…well, not so great, but we survived! At the beginning of the month, we got to experience the fun of seeing my first novel released. My children had fun throwing me their own little book release party and we dined on pizza, soda, and donuts while watching their favorite movies. I have to admit, it was the BEST release party ever! I also had my very first book signing. My sister spent the day sitting by my side and we had a fantastic time visiting with everyone!

Mother’s Day, came and went, and I have to say, it wasn’t an easy day for me. My children and husband spoiled me and I couldn’t have been more grateful for such a wonderful family. However, the loss of my own mother weighed heavy on my heart. I’ve missed calling her, spending time with her, and as the days continue to pass, I feel the loss more deeply.

 The weather began to warm, and my kids and I enjoyed spending more time outdoors. BUT—with the coming of warm weather, we’ve also experienced an increase in injuries. My boys, as many of you know, are only 14 months apart. This makes for some interesting times in our house. They love to wrestle, climb trees, throw rocks and play ball, and their little sister is determined to keep up with them. We’ve had bumped heads, bloody noses, fat lips, scraped knees and even lost a toenail along the way. 
This month, we’ve also inherited a puppy. His name is Sarg. He is a little Boston Terrier pup and it’s been quite an adventure for our family. We have never had animals indoors and trying to potty train a dog and a two-year-old at the same time is, needless-to-say, very—VERY—difficult. But my children have had a great time with their new dog and so we press on!
We’ve spent a lot of time hiking and we finally got to have our very first hot dog roast of the season. We love to roast hot dogs up Santaquin Canyon and most evenings you’ll find us up at “our” spot near the gate. My dad has come to spend some time with us as well, and we’ve had many adventures rock hounding in the desert. We planted a mini garden, with peas, sunflower, pumpkins and corn and the kids are so excited to see their plants grow.

At the end of the month, my boys got to graduate! My oldest graduated kindergarten and I loved watching him “Walk” for his diploma!  My youngest son graduated from preschool and I had so much fun watching my little boy in his gown, hat, and tassel while he sang and hopped about the stage. 
Our family has had a busy, busy, month, but we are so excited for summer and we’re looking forward to many more adventures!

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