Monday, June 6, 2011

Tide Ever Rising...

When I was a young girl, my mother volunteered at the local museum. She loved Native American History and our family often accompanied the museum on the various archaeological digs in the area. I grew up digging in the dirt, finding artifacts, and learning about the people who once inhabited the amazing San Rafael area. My parents also spent many hours working at the museum, and my sister and I kept ourselves entertained while exploring the back rooms and playing among the artifacts and displays. The Emery Pioneer Museum in Castle Dale, Utah, was a magical place and its unique and creative displays sent my young imagination into overdrive.
            As I grew older, my mother became fascinated with the old ghost towns in the area. We spent many weekends as a family exploring abandoned mining towns and searching for relics among the brick ruins. These are by far some of my best memories. My father, who is a coal miner, would often bring my sister and I into the old mine shafts to explore (this is not something ANYONE should do unless they are with someone who knows and understands coal mines and safety). I was certain the sound of the wind through the rotting wood pillars and damp shafts were ghosts come back to haunt. These trips we went on as a family instilled within me a great love and respect for the Native peoples, stalwart pioneers, and the early settlers in Utah.
            I’ve recently finished a new manuscript and this love of “anything old” inspired the story. 

Kadence Reynold's favorite pastime is exploring old ghost towns. When she and her sister, Maysha, stumble across an old journal and cheap pendant hidden in the depths of a crumbling foundation their world is suddenly turned upside down. Immediately, strange dreams and premonitions begin to haunt "Kadie" as she learns more about the keeper of the journal, Charlotte Clark. With her curiosity and good humor intact, Kadie sets out on a journey to learn more about Charlotte and her family. She travels to Bremerton, Washington, where she discovers Charlotte's still living twin sister, Adelaide and her family.  Little does anyone know, the journal contains secrets that will plunge Kadie, Maysha, and Adelaide's family into a world filled with mystery, past regrets, and dark unknowns……  


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  1. Cant' wait! I have many similar childhood memories. My family explored the desert west of Cedar Fort where there was an old ghost town and several scary mine shafts. Oh I will love this story! XO