Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Ghost Quest"....

My boys wanted to write and illustrate their very own ghost story. They were also very determined to send this to my publisher. But after much deliberation, we have decided to publish this fantastic share it with the world. Below you'll discover the terrifying account of what happened to one sleepy little town somewhere "far, far away" as told by A (7 years old) and J (5 years old). With first hand witness accounts told by D (2 years old)....

Meet the Authors

( Written by J) Once upon a time there was skeletons that were mean and bad. They sometimes floated in the air when the lights are off and scare lots of people. Then the people start running off without their car and never go in…in…in the places again. The skeletons just fall right on the ground and then one man comes back and it appears the man was so scared that he started to go to sleep and he turned into a skeleton too. (Continued by A)                     
Bad, Mean Skeletons...illustrated by J
Then a…a… really big ghost pineapple—thousands of them—run on the streets and every single house they go into…they  slide over the house and gets them sticky. They go into the peoples bedrooms and make giant holes by their beds so when the people get up, they fall right into a hole. Then the ghost pinapples… they have to dig down to hot lava and they get a drink of hot lava and they turn into… like… hot lava ghost! Pineapples ghost monsters that can burn things. And then they burn the town down and every person heard the fire alarms and all the people came out and the pineapples all made one big fiery pineapple monster. All the people screamed and went to a different town and nobody ever came back except one person and they got haunted and it became a “ghost town”, full of ghost pineapples that could catch things on fire.
Fiery Pineapple Monster...illustrated by A
 (Told by J)  Then the pineapple ghosts that came putted fake skin on the bodies of all the skeletons. And the skeletons turned into man and became deadly men. But they didn’t like the pineapple ghosts so they defeated all the ghosts in the country. Then there was one pineapple ghost left, the king of all that defeated him and he could turn into a skeleton, and he turned to a skeleton and then the skeletons floated in the air like ghosts and they were "deadly manners" …those are manners that are deadly…the deadly manners pushed the rest of the skeletons off a cliff so they could never come back. 
A first hand witness account told by D...2 years old

 (Continued by A)After the ghosts defeated the skeletons there was a haunted horseman and he came. There was a guy who was walking in the forest too. The headless horseman scared him and he came running back to all the people in the other town and all the people didn’t believe him and so they all came back to see and the haunted horseman chased them into town and he went into the store that had all the people hiding in it. Soon a bigger headless horseman came riding in and he had a sword. He went and cut down all the tops of the houses down…because…because…he was mean and he caught the houses all on fire because his pumpkin head was on fire. Then a big giant ghost rock came rumbling down and it smacked the two headless horsemen, the big one and the little one, and they all got squished and the ghost rock rumbled down until it rolled to a water fall. The rock fell down into the water and it made a ginormous splash and it made a giant flood in their town. The people in town had to go away again... forever… because all of their houses were caught on fire and flooded and all the animals turned into ghosts that chased them. They could never come back because the ghost animals haunted the forest.

First hand witness account provided by D...2 years old

The END...

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  1. Those pineapple ghosts sure sound frightening!